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Theatre Blacks Term 4 Showcase

8pm, Sunday 19 December 2021

The Skydeck, The Space Dance & Arts Centre

Enjoy a display of musical theatre favourites from the 2000s, featuring students of the Theatre Blacks Musical Theatre & Dance program.


Term 4 Theatre Blacks Showcase

The Skydeck - The Space Dance & Arts Centre


Act I - Musical Theatre Solo Showcase

Act II - Social (Ensemble Revue)


Alex Jackson

Anastasia Swadling

Chloe Mereszko

Claudia Ciempka

Ella Daly

Jacqui Martin

Jessica Neilsen-Carreño

Kaitlin Woolford

Kathleen Andermahr

Maddison Parton

Matilda Fisher

Neil Shawcroft

Rachel Reyes

Samantha Bradley

Sammi Howlett


Following (Act II)

Directed by Eilannin Harris-Black.

Musical Ensemble Direction by Jonathon Harris-Black

Featuring Choreography by Benjamin Curé, Eden Read, John Reed, Aadhya Wije and Eilannin Harris-Black.


Please Note:

In the event that this event is cancelled due to changes to

COVID-19 Restrictions all orders will be happily refunded.

Change of mind refunds are not available.

*Wheelchair access to The Skydeck is now available.*

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