Information and Course Fees

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How do I apply for Theatre Blacks programs?

Auditions are by private appointment.  For more information about auditions and requirement please see our Auditions page.

When are intakes for Theatre Blacks courses?

Theatre Blacks courses have one (1) intake per year commencing in February.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Potential students must be 18 years or older at the time of class commencement.

Are Theatre Blacks able to accept international students?

Theatre Blacks is not CRICOS registered and is unable to accept applications for accredited study from International Students

Where can I read Theatre Blacks policies and procedures?

Right here! 

How much does it cost to train at Theatre Blacks? 

Theatre Blacks receives no Government funding and is a proud locally owned Melbourne small business.


Enrolment Fee: $550 (Non-Refundable)

Course Fees: $390 per month for 6 months


Enrolment Fee: $1,000 per year (Non-Refundable)

Part Time Course Fees: $390 per month for 12 months


Enrolment Fee: $1,000 per year (Non-Refundable)

Part Time Course Fees: $390 per month for 24 months

Full Time Course Fees: ​$390 per fortnight for 28 fortnights


Enrolment Fee: $1,000 per year (Non-Refundable)

Part Time Course Fees: $390 per month for 36 months

Full Time Course Fees: ​$390 per fortnight for 40 Fortnights



Enrolment Fee: $1,500 per year (Non-Refundable)

Students may add on a second qualification (pending successful application) for an additional $50 on their regular course payment for the duration of their double course enrolment (so $390 becomes $440 for the duration of the double course enrolment).


Students are also charged a Costume Hire fee of $50 per showcase (one per term).

*Please note any GST payable will be charged on top of these fees*

Why do we charge an enrolment fee?

As part of our Auspice partnership we are required to pay accreditation fees for each of our students every year.  This enrolment fee also helps to cover other costs such as insurance, music copyright, class materials and showcase costs including venue hire, equipment hire, staffing costs, accompanist fees, showcase video production (copies of which are provided to students at no extra charge) and all other administrative costs pertaining to end of term showcases. 

Is Fee-Help or HECS available?

Unfortunately neither Fee-Help or HECS is available for Theatre Blacks courses.  Course fees are payable in monthly instalments for Part Time students and fortnightly for Full Time students.

What happens if I need to defer from my course?

If for any reason a student needs to withdraw from their course they are welcome to do so, and even more welcome to return in the future to complete their course should circumstances change.

Students who withdraw from their course are required to inform Theatre Blacks by email, and thereafter are only required to pay their course fee payment for that calendar month.  (1 x monthly direct debit for part time students, and 2 x fortnightly direct debits for full time students)


For example: a student who withdraws to take on a professional gig on March 1st will still have to pay their monthly course payment for March, the student is also
completely welcome to attend that month of classes if they like! 


After this there is nothing more to pay until such time as the student chooses to return and pick up where they left off.  Re-enrolment will incur a $100 processing fee.